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Inside China

Good knowledge of the Chinese market and especially the Chinese business culture mean the difference between long-term success or a fiasco when investing in China.

Market monitoring

The fuel for China's economic success in the coming years and decades is urbanisation, increasing income, reforms in the public sector and education, market deregulation and public investments in innovation capacity as well as in resources and energy efficiency: RSBK assesses and evaluates the resulting opportunities, risks and market trends in detail.


RSBK creates access to the Chinese market and provides for sustainable business success through a targeted contact management.

RSBK partners profit from contacts at the highest levels of the Chinese economy and politics.

Business development

Far-reaching upheavals within the Chinese economic structure are opening new business models and future perspectives. RSBK is the partner in both the development and implementation of:

  • opening up previously closed markets, such as shipping, communication, banking, public health for foreign businesses

  • the drastic expansion of the service sector

  • the investment of enormous sums in the fight against environmental pollution, energy and resource efficiency and enormous costs for contaminated sites and the rapidly increasing energy demand.