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Our services

The experts at RSBK continuously observe market conditions and develop customised business development strategies. This includes both the provision of valuable business contacts up to the highest levels of the Chinese economy and politics, the identification of the economically strongest locations as well as the preparation of detailed market and trend studies. In doing so, economic and political as well as cultural and legal peculiarities are considered. This includes:


In the area of business development and strategy consultancy, RSBK offers support based on know-how. Here, the confidentiality requirement as well as the absolute seriousness in the estimation of international market opportunities and risks have uppermost priority.


Using market analyses, industry reports, business reports, etc. RSBK always keeps clients well informed on the current developments on the Chinese market. RSBK prepares for the entry into China projects with the generation of exclusive analyses.


RSBK organises customer-specific delegation and entrepreneur trips at the highest level. The objective here is the sustainability of the business success.


Long-time contacts to Chinese and German decision makers at high levels of business and administration offer the foundation for conversations, business conclusions as well as cooperation and joint ventures.