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"Thinking Globally -
                  Working Locally"

About us

Rudolf Scharping Strategie Beratung Kommunikation AG (RSBK) focuses on international strategy and business development for companies and institutions with a focus on China, as well as initiatives and consulting in the public sector in Germany, especially in the area of "energy". In addition, the company advises start-ups.

The company was founded in Frankfurt in 2003. This was followed in 2012 by the founding of Rudolf Scharping Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in Beijing, which operates as an independent company within the RSBK Group.

The company's CEO, Mr. Rudolf Scharping, was Federal Minister of Defense, Chairman of the SPD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag and Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate.

RSBK cooperates with academic and scientific partners in the field of "energy".

RSBK advises clients in the automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical, medical and health, food and cosmetics, energy and environmental protection, retail and logistics, legal and financial, artificial intelligence, Internet and Big Data, education and training, sports and culture, and urban planning and business park design sectors, among others.


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20 Years of RSBK

In 2023, we celebrate our 20th anniversary. For this occasion you can see here a picture show with a selection from 20 years of RSBK.

Rudolf Scharping und Jiang Zemin
Deutsch-Chinesische Wirtschaftskonferenz (2018)
Deutsch-Chinesische WirtschaftskonferenzBK-0958
Deutsch-Chinesische Wirtschaftskonferenz
Rudolf Scharping mit Prof. Dr. Carl Hahn anlässlich der Deutsch-Chinesischen Wirtschaftskonferenz 20
Foto mit Unterschriften
Rudolf Scharping und Vizeministerin SHEN Beili
Rudolf Scharping mit Kurt Beck
Jieyang-Delegation bei bedra
Unterschriftenzeremonie Shanghai Cunji Hospital
China-Reise von Rudolf Scharping in Weifang, Provinz Shandong
Besuch der Delegation Jieyang beiFrank Group (2013)
Unterschriftenzeremonie in Guangdong
Rudolf Scharping mit Sigmar Gabriel
RSBK-Weinfest (2015)
Kardiologen-Fortbildung an der Uni Mainz (2019)
Abendveranstaltung Villa Bonn
Rudolf Scharping mit Premierminister WEN Jiabao
Deutsch-Chinesische Wirtschaftskonferenz
Konferenz in Guangzhou (2013)
Begleitung einer deutschen Delegation nach Jieyang
RSBK-Teamklausur in Xiamen (2019)


The RSBK team is led and inspired by Rudolf Scharping.

The basis for this is a long-standing commitment to the contemporary management of state tasks and cooperation with the private sector - both in Germany and in China.

Whether as Minister President of Rhineland-Palatinate or as Federal Minister of Defense, Rudolf Scharping has been involved in many projects for economically sustainable solutions and has supported their implementation. The focus here was on solutions that today are often considered blueprints for efficient cooperation between the state and the private sector.

For more than thirty years, Rudolf Scharping has been committed to cooperation with China and has worked as a strategy consultant for numerous German and Chinese companies as well as public institutions in both countries.

Through his numerous trips to China and constant exchange with Chinese personalities from politics and business, he knows today's China like no one else. Thanks to his deep understanding of the "Land of Smiles" and his knowledge of the economic and political interrelationships in Germany and China, he can provide interested companies and institutions with valuable assistance in strategy and business development.

Rudolf Scharping Portrait.png

Rudolf Scharping

Founder & Director



Contact persons in Frankfurt am Main

Gunda Böker

Project Manager Greater China and Assistant to the Executive Board

Phone +49 (0) 69 66 12 77-10

Yvonne Happ

Head of Human Resources and Accounting, Administration & Organization

Phone +49 (0) 69 66 12 77-20

LIU Xuan
Project Manager Greater China

Phone +49 (0) 69 66 12 77-15

Oliver Thäle
Project Manager Greater China

Phone +49 (0) 69 66 12 77-23

Contact persons in Beijing

General Manager Greater China

Project Assistant Greater China

MENG Minli
Project Manager Greater China

YU Sen
Project Manager Greater China

Phone (Beijing):

Tel. +86 (0) 10 5907 0198

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